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Would you believe it - another January foal!

Date published: Sunday 19 January 2014

We could hardly believe our eyes when this little youngster appeared just days after the previous new born foal.  And luckily for this one, we had some rarely seen January sunshine!  What a cutie ...

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Brand New Pony!

Date published: Wednesday 15 January 2014

Chris has captured this tiny little new born foal outside the Balmer Lawn Hotel today!

What a miserable January morning to be welcomed into the world - we hope his mum knows where to find the best shelter on the forest to help keep this tiny baby warm and dry through the worst of the British winter.

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Sweet temptations...

Date published: Sunday 12 January 2014

Happy New year to you all, and what a wet one it has been so far!

But we haven't let that dampen our spirits; we are busy putting together ideas for the coming year and have some wonderful special offers and events coming soon.
Currently we are working on ideas for our Valentines menu.  This is one of the creations made by Samuel our Pastry Chef; we would welcome ideas to name the dish...

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