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Date published: Wednesday 14 May 2014

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours....

Another sunny spring day and more fab New Forest wildlife - although there is not a lot wild about these little critters! 

We caught these miniature Shetlands having a good old itch to help get rid of the last of their winter coats.

Sometimes - you just can't reach the right spot - no matter how much you streeettchhh!

Everyone needs a little friend to help hit the spot sometimes, and it seems these guys are no different.  

This herd are regular visitors to the Balmer Lawn and will often be found munching around the cricket pitch right outside the Hotel.  Just keep your eyes peeled if you are having a picnic - these guys won't hesitate to join you for a snack!

Can't wait for the foals to arrive - too cute for words.

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