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Date published: Wednesday 16 July 2014

Mayor of Christchurch NZ visits Balmer Lawn

The Balmer Lawn Hotel was delighted to host a luncheon this week with special guests including the Mayor of Christchurch New Zealand and other VIP's from Christchurch Borough Council Dorset and delegates from Christchurch New Zealand.  They were celebrating the tinning of the two Christchurch towns, and commemorating 100 years since the Balmer Lawn was utilised as an army hospital for the ANZAC troops in World War One.

The Balmer Lawn has a fascinating history and building was commandeered during both World Wars. During World War One the Hotel was used as a field hospital. Some still remember injured soldiers being wheeled on luggage trolleys from Brockenhurst Train Station to the Hotel!

In the Second World War the Hotel was transformed into an Army Staff College. Some of the "Orders for the Day" were issued from the Hotel for the "D Day" invasion. During our extensive refurbishment of the Hotel we frequently find spent ammunition under the floorboards.

If you have any photos showing the Balmer Lawn during either World War One or Two we would love to be able to share them.  You can email them to us at info@balmerlawnhotel.com  or post them on our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/balmerlawn

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