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Date published: Tuesday 26 November 2013

We have all heard about “neighbours  from hell” well just look at this lot! No pride in their surrounding (or appearance for that matter), noisy, smelly and some disgusting habits – well they are our piggy friends after all!!

#The Pig that is my favorite is the one with the black markings, what a looker and with all that jewlery in his nose. I only recently found out that the nose rings are there to discourage them from digging too deeply. The custom of putting the pigs out at this time of year is called “Pannage”.

Pannage is the practice of releasing domestic pigs into a forest (also known as ‘Common of mast’), Pannage is no longer carried out in many areas but can still be observed every year here in The New Forest National Park. In the autumn after the acorns, beechmast, chestnuts and other nuts have fallen, the pigs will work their way through the forest eating them from the forest floor.

This is important because if a pony eats too many acorns it can cause serious digestive problems and even death.

Perhaps our new neighbours are not too bad after all.

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