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Date published: Tuesday 19 November 2013

A visit to champagne is a must – ensuring a greater appreciation of this special drink, we were lucky enough to visit the champagne houses of Canard Duchene and Thienot – Balmer Lawns preferred Champagnes.

The champagne making process proved to be fascinating from the first fermentation in the vats, the blending of the wine juices, and the riddling (removal of any remaining sediment which is collected in the neck of the bottle and removed as a frozen ‘cork’), adding of the syrup and then a further three years in the bottle where the second fermentation takes place. It takes the grapes of one whole vine to make only one bottle of champagne, and a lot of patience; it takes just a few moments to appreciate a good bottle!

You will see in one of the pictures below one of the giant grape presses that are used to extract the juice in the Thienot production facility.

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