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Choosing a Christmas Party Venue

Things to consider when booking your corporate Christmas party venue


When the opportunity arises to celebrate with your employees, it should be grabbed with both hands. Many of us spend the 9-5 working week in the office, and amongst a fast-paced, busy workplace, it can be easy to forget to take the breaks we need.


We spend a large amount of time with our colleagues, but most of this is spent engaging in professional relationships. It can, however, be beneficial to both our personal and working lives to develop interpersonal relations with colleagues, since it boosts communication both inside and outside the office.


The festive season presents the perfect opportunity to build on these relationships, whilst providing a welcome motivational boost before the new year begins. So what, exactly, should you consider when organising your corporate Christmas party?


Escape to a new, serene location


If you’re not local to the area, you might not have discovered the beauty of the New Forest. Located amongst acres of woodland, guests at Balmer Lawn can enjoy peaceful and relaxing sights and sounds during their stay with us – ideal for both formal corporate events and parties.


Escaping to a new location gives employees the opportunity to spend time away from the workplace, offering them a welcome motivation and productivity boost. Employees might also find it easier to build interpersonal relationships with their colleagues, since they’ll be away from the working environment.


At Balmer Lawn, we love being hidden away from the city. Not only does this offer our guests a serene location to relax, but it also provides plenty of free parking opportunities, as well as special bed and breakfast rates for those who choose to stay overnight.


Improve interpersonal relationships


Whilst professional relationships are important in the workplace, building interpersonal relations does not only improve overall staff morale, but it also boosts communication and collaboration, which are both vital for ensuring optimum business results. By treating your staff members to a Christmas party, you’re showing that you value their ability to form friendships with one another, as well as adopting a good work-life balance.


Relax and have fun, without the stress


Corporate Christmas parties should be a fun experience for everyone – including senior members of staff. Enlisting the help of the Balmer Lawn family will allow you to enjoy the party as much as everyone else; of course, you’ll be able to work with the events team beforehand to plan the intricate details, but you won’t need to worry about providing food and entertainment on the night.


Motivation for the new year


After a long year of hard work, it’s not surprising that many employees feel burned out. Having a corporate party at the end of the year can offer them the motivational boost they need to tackle the year ahead, whilst presenting the opportunity to form new friendships – particularly for new employees.


Small details can make a difference


By booking your corporate party with Balmer Lawn, many of the stresses that you might otherwise encounter – such as assigning place cards and supplying drinks – will be looked after by our dedicated team. With a pre-ordered drinks package, refreshments are ready to be served on arrival – meaning that you can indulge in the festivities, rather than worrying about hosting your guests. We’ll also provide the entertainment and Christmas novelties, so you don’t have to.


At Balmer Lawn, we’ve combined the best bits of the festive season to create a host of unforgettable party nights. Our Christmas party guests can expect to enjoy a three-course festive dinner, DJ and disco, novelties and decorations, and a glass of fizz on arrival; click here to find out more.


If you’re thinking of planning a corporate Christmas party for your workforce, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our events team.