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How to host a corporate away day in the New Forest

Taking an occasional break from the daily 9-5 can be beneficial for both employees and the business itself. However, in order to receive a good ROI for the event, it’s important to think about how you can plan a corporate away day that’s both fun and designed to improve communication skills, team work, relationships between your employees and productivity levels. At Balmer Lawn, our range of delegate packages are ideal for both formal and informal events, and businesses who are looking to escape to a more tranquil environment.

Spending some time in brand new surrounds can spark innovation and creativity – whether that’s at a brainstorming session in a conference room, or during a stimulating team-building activity. With the right balance of fun and corporate culture, away days can be more than worth the investment. As an employer, you just need to ensure you plan the day rigorously beforehand.

Establish a purpose

Before you begin any planning, it’s important to consider exactly why you want to host a corporate away day. Is it because you want to improve teamwork skills amongst your workforce? Or, perhaps you want to instill good personal relationships? You might even want to stimulate higher creativity levels in advance of a new and upcoming project. Establishing how you’d like the end result to look will act as the driving force for how you plan the day.


The location of your corporate away day is hugely important in supporting the outcomes that you want to achieve. If you’re hoping to reduce stress levels amongst your team, stimulate focus and enhance creativity, then a secluded, quiet environment is perhaps the ideal location for you. Tucked away from the noise of a town or city, the New Forest is the perfect place for your team to focus on business goals and relationships with each other – with only natural sounds and wildlife to disturb you.

Create an agenda

It’s important that, before the away day, you plan it thoroughly so that you’re maximising the experience. Plan everything from travel arrangements to eating times, and note down the activities your team will be participating in. This will help you and your employees prepare well in advance.

The activities

If you’re hoping to host an event that boosts teamwork, you’re likely going to benefit from team-building activities. At Balmer Lawn, our corporate packages offer a range of fun indoor and outdoor activities to improve both corporate and personal relationships – including sailing, cycling, bespoke treasure hunts, guided forest walks, archery, crime scene investigations and chocolate making.

If you’re thinking of hosting a day that’s more focused on inspiring innovation for new projects, you’ll benefit from booking one of our conference rooms.

 Establish a budget

Before planning your corporate away day, you’ll need to establish a set budget to work from. At Balmer Lawn, our corporate packages focus on providing delegates with a day that encourages teamwork whilst investing in their health and well-being. We offer a range of treats that include professional training sessions and pamper breaks to accompany day meetings/residential packages.


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